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  • What to Do About Stings, Bites, and Allergic Reactions To Your Pet
    What to Do About Stings, Bites, and Allergic ReactionsNobody enjoys a painful, annoying bee sting or bug bite -- and the prospect of snakebite can be downright terrifying. Pets are Read more
  • Signs Your Cat May Be Suffering From Cat Diabetes
    Cat Diabetes Treatment with our Duarte VeterinarianYou may have encountered a great deal of information about how diabetes can damage a person's health -- but did you know that the Read more
  • Signs Your Dog May Be Suffering From Canine Diabetes
    Canine Diabetes Treatment with our Duarte Veterinarian A metabolic disorder interfering with the way a dog's body converts food and glucose into energy, dog diabetes can be one of two types--insulin Read more
  • ​What Is Cat Arthritis?
    What Is Cat Arthritis and How Can It Be Treated by our Duarte Veterinarian? Feline arthritis may arise from joint degeneration, autoimmune disorders, bone/ligament infections or improperly treated injuries. Since many Read more
  • Top 10 People Foods to Keep Away From Your Pet
    Top 10 People Foods to Keep Away From Your Pet             It's tough to say no to your pet's big eyes and wagging tail. If you're Read more
  • Pet Immunization Awareness, What You Should Know!
    The Importance of Staying up to Date on Your Pet's ImmunizationsJust like humans, it's very important that pets stay up to date on their immunizations too. Without getting all of Read more
  • High Blood Pressure in Dogs
    Blood Pressure Assessment & Monitoring with our Duarte Veterinarian At Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, our Duarte veterinarian team, led by Dr. Rahim Zabihi, cares deeply about maximizing the health, quality of life, and longevity Read more
  • Does Your Pet Need Eye Pressure Monitoring?
    Your Monrovia Vet Offers Eye Pressure Monitoring for PetsTonometry is the measuring of an animal's eye pressure (intraocular pressure) to detect signs of glaucoma or other eye disorder. A handheld Read more
  • How Microchip Pet Identification Works
    The Vast Benefits of Microchip Pet IdentificationOur veterinarian at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital advises all pet owners to give strong consideration to pet microchipping their cats and dogs. Countless numbers Read more
  • Is Pet Anesthesia Safe?
    Safe Pet Anesthesia From Our Veterinarian in DuarteAs doting pet owners, you no doubt experience an inevitable twinge of anxiety whenever your beloved pet must submit to any kind of medical Read more

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