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What to Expect at Your Yearly Visit

What to Expect at Your Yearly Visit from Our Veterinarian in Duarte, CA

Dog with Duarte Azuza veterinarian

Preventative health care for your pet, such as an annual checkup, is the foundation for a happy life for both of you. Annual wellness visits for your pet help extend his or her life and prevent illness, which eliminates lots of potential pain and declining quality-of-life issues that many pets needlessly endure. When you invest in preventative care for your pet, not only can your pet stay at your side for the longest possible time, they will avoid some of the ailments that might slow him or her down with age. An annual pet physical, with our veterinarian in Duarte CA, is a low-cost way to keep your pet healthy.

Preventative Health Visits

When you bring your pet in for an annual exam, our Duarte vet will conduct an examination from nose to tail, designed to ensure your pet is in optimal health. Depending upon your pet's general health, age and medical history, our vet may include additional, appropriate exams or tests. You can expect your pet's yearly physical to include:

Medical history and recent observations: Be prepared to discuss medical history, especially if your pet has not been seen by us before. Also tell our Duarte veterinarian about any possible health issues that are concerning you or any behavior changes you may have noticed in your pet.

Fasting and stool sample: Our vet may instruct you to skip your pet's dinner (drinking water is usually allowed) and/or to bring in a stool sample for fecal testing.

Vital signs: Temperature, weight and more are noted.

Blood testing, urine tests or x-ray/imaging: Your vet will order any necessary tests to check for potential health problems and monitor known chronic diseases, like diabetes. 

Visual and hands-on exam: Includes coat, skin, ears, eyes, nose, paws and entire body.

Vaccinations and parasite control

Diet and exercise advice

Dental cleaning: Our veterinarian in Duarte CA also includes cleaning of the teeth and gums with your pet's annual checkup, as needed. 

Top Benefits of Yearly Health Exams for Your Pet

  • Save time, money and anxiety by catching potential health issues early, when they are most successfully treatable. A pet physical exam is economical, and much less stressful than an emergency visit.
  • Spot health issues pets are hiding. It's part of your pet's nature to hide signs of injury or illness.
  • Keep weight and nutrition on track to prevent disease.
  • Help to beat the clock. Pets age at a faster rate than we do, but proactive, preventative annual exams can extend your pet's life and improve the enjoyment of life.

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See us every year for a pet checkup! Contact Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital to schedule your pet's yearly exam. Call us at 626-357-2251 today.

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