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  • Celebrating Pet Dental Month in February!
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Celebrating Pet Dental Month in February!

Our Duarte and Azusa Pet Dentist Staff Is Celebrating Pet Dental Month in February!

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Pet dentist Dr. Rahim Zabihi wants to celebrate February's Pet Dental Month by offering a free pet dental exam in Duarte and Azusa for cats and dogs. Our full-service animal clinic offers a variety of pet wellness services that can maximize your animal's well-being from the inside out.

What Are Common Pet Dental Problems I Need To Know About?

A cat or dog can develop plaque and tartar on their teeth over time, which can attract bacteria and lead to an infection of the tooth. In advanced stages, this can lead to a tooth abscess or gum disease (also called periodontal disease). Other common problems that may affect your pet's dental health include jaw fracture or dislocation, tooth fracture, and oral cysts or tumors. 

The big problem with pet dental disease--other than the potential for pain and discomfort for your animal--is that bacteria in the mouth can leech into your pet's bloodstream. This can lead to significant chronic health problems elsewhere, and may even decrease your animal's lifespan.

Top 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Pet's Dental Health 

  1. Know the signs of bad dental health so that you can alert your dentist right away - This includes bleeding gums, bad breath, broken, loose, or missing teeth, decreased food intake, difficulty chewing, and excessive drooling. 
  2. Brush your pet's teeth regularly - Our vet can provide you with the proper brush and toothpaste that will be safe to use on your pet and can give you special tips on how to do effectively. It is best to establish a regular teeth cleanings when your animal is young.
  3. Bring your pet in for an annual pet dental exam - We can provide a thorough examination and teeth cleaning to help get those hard to reach areas. Our Duarte and Azusa pet dentist may recommend that you bring your animal in more frequently to monitor the progression of a dental disease. 

Looking For Pet Dental in Duarte and Azusa? Call Our Pet Dentist Team Today

Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital serving pet owners and their animals from our local California community. Led by pet dentist Dr. Rahim Zabihi, our staff is dedicated to improving your pet's health and treating both you and your animal with compassion and care. If you have been looking for pet dental in Duarte or Azusa, CA, then call our animal clinic today at 626-357-2251. To celebrate Pet Dental Month in February, we are currently offering a FREE dental exam and 15% of ANY dental cleaning for new patients.

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