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Pet Poison Prevention Tips You Should Know

Pet Poison Prevention Tips For Duarte, Bradbury, Monrovia, Arcadia and Azusa Pet Owners

Most cases of pet poisoning are preventable. Knowing what is poisonous to pets and how to effectively keep toxic products from being accessed by your pet is essential to avoiding a pet poisoning emergency. At Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, we understand that accidental ingestion of toxic substances can happen, especially when cats and unneutered dogs are allowed to roam the neighborhood, investigate other people's garages and sample toxic plant or animal remains. We serve the Duarte, Bradbury, Azusa area, and also the Monrovia and Arcadia.

poisoned pet getting care

For these reasons, your veterinarian in Duarte offers the following advice and tips to prevent pet poisoning:

  • Keep all medications off countertops and inside latched medicine cabinets (cats can be really curious, really stubborn creatures!)
  • Never leave insecticides, pesticides or herbicides sitting on your garage floor. Some of these chemicals have interesting scents that our pet can detect quickly and easily
  • If you have yew plants, Easter lilies, azaleas, sago palms, caster beans and oleanders growing in or outside your home, be aware they are poisonous to pets
  • Place snail, slug, mouse and rat baits where your pet cannot access the bait. Like pesticides, toxic bait ingredients emit attractive odors that animals can smell
  • You may be tempted to give your pet "people" medication like an over-the-counter allergy or cold pills if he is sneezing, itching or has a runny nose. NEVER give pets medication until you have talked to your Bradbury veterinarian about your pet's symptoms and health condition
  • Never leave candy--especially chocolate--somewhere your pet can reach. While cats will turn their nose up at chocolate, dogs won't. Unfortunately, chocolate is toxic to dogs.
  • Household items you wouldn't think your dog would eat that are poisonous to all canines include mothballs, fabric sheets, cigarettes, hand warmers, potpourri aroma oils and coffee grounds

Signs of Pet Poisoning

Bring your pet to Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital immediately if he is vomiting repeatedly, drooling, coughing/vomiting up blood, appears weak and has a rapid heart beat. Dogs and cats that have ingested poisonous substances may also suffer kidney and/or liver damage within a short time of being poisoned.

Contact Us If You Experience An Emergency Or Want To Learn More About Poison Prevention

To learn more about pet poison prevention, please call Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital today at 626-357-2251.

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