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Is Pet Anesthesia Safe?

Safe Pet Anesthesia From Our Veterinarian in Duarte

As doting pet owners, you no doubt experience an inevitable twinge of anxiety whenever your beloved pet must submit to any kind of medical procedure -- even when you have a top-quality veterinarian in Duarte like Dr. Zabihi. Some pet owners also register concern over the use of anesthesia due to various rumors, myths and half-truths about this established (and necessary) veterinary procedure. Here at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, we want to reassure that your pet will receive the most careful administration and monitoring of anesthesia to help ensure his health and comfort.

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Types and Benefits of Anesthesia

When you think of anesthesia you may automatically picture your pet going "completely under," but this isn't necessarily the case. Modern options enable us to administer different types and degrees of anesthesia. Local anesthesia simply numbs a small area by deadening nearby nerves, allowing us to perform quick or minor procedures while your pet remains fully conscious. Regional anesthesia is another option. This approach numbs a larger portion of the body so we can perform more extensive procedures. In these cases, your pet may be heavily sedated to keep him still and calm. General anesthetic involves the use of an injected or inhaled medication that renders your pet completely unconscious for a controlled period of time. This form of anesthesia is commonly recommended for any awkward or lengthy procedures, from teeth cleaning to major surgery.

The most obvious benefit of anesthesia its ability to prevent your pet from feeling pain, fear or anxiety throughout his procedure. But general anesthesia also protects both your pet and our veterinarian in Duarte from any sudden movements or reflex actions that might cause injury. In the case of teeth cleaning, anesthesia allows for a much more thorough and successful result than non-anesthesia teeth cleaning.

Ensuring Your Anesthetized Pet's Safety

You can put your fears to rest when it comes to our safe pet anesthesia in Duarte. Statistically, veterinary anesthesia has an extremely impressive safety margin, even for older animals. That's because we are extraordinarily careful in how we administer these medications. Before your pet's procedure, we will conduct an exam to look for any health issues that might need to be taken into consideration. We will instruct you on pre-operative care such as withholding food the night before surgery (to prevent the food from coming back up and being aspirated while under anesthesia). During surgery, we pay close attention to:

  • Anesthesia dosage levels
  • Blood oxygen levels
  • Pulse
  • Body temperature
  • Blood pressure

In the extremely unlikely event that a situation occurs during anesthesia, our team is ready to provide a variety of emergency treatments to stabilize that situation immediately.

We Are Your Source for Safe Pet Anesthesia in Duarte, Call Us Today!

If you're looking for safe pet anesthesia in Duarte, you've come to the right vet clinic. Call 626-357-2251 to learn more about our state-of-the-art anesthesia techniques and safeguards!

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