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How Microchip Pet Identification Works

The Vast Benefits of Microchip Pet Identification

Our veterinarian at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital advises all pet owners to give strong consideration to pet microchipping their cats and dogs. Countless numbers of pets have been reunited with their loving and concerned owners thanks to this modern miracle. Safe and inexpensive, your can have your pet microchipped anytime after they reach 4 weeks of age as long as they weigh at least a pound.

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How Does Microchip Pet Identification Work?

Pet microchips consist of three basic components: a capacitor, an integrated circuit and a coil inductor securely contained in a tiny rice-grain sized shell that is completely safe for your animal. Our Duarte veterinarian inserts these chips just beneath the surface of the skin in a painless procedure that requires no anesthesia for your pet. They won’t even be aware of its presence. However, if your pet ever gets lost or stolen, a local shelter or vet can use a scanner to activate the chip and receive valuable information. Unless it’s activated by a scan, the device is passive, as it has no internal power source.

Key Benefits of Pet Microchipping

For starters, you will have greater peace of mind of knowing that your chances of recovering a missing pet are greatly increased if they have a microchip pet identification. These chips stay in place, unlike collars and tags that can fall of or be removed. Because any vet or shelter can scan pets for chips, it does not matter how far away from home they have gotten. Pet microchips reveal everything one needs to know to get your animal back home safely:

  • Pet’s Name
  • Owner’s Name
  • Contact Information for Owner
  • How to Contact your Veterinarian

After your pet is microchipped by our Duarte veterinarian, you will receive a registration certificate that allows you to prove ownership so you can recover your pet without hassles.  Give yourself and your pet the security that microchip pet identification offers today.

Interested in Pet Microchipping in Duarte, Monrovia or Bradbury?

We offer safe, quick and affordable pet microchipping at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital in Duarte CA. Give us a call today at 626-357-2251 to schedule a consultation with our experienced veterinarian team. We proudly serve clients in Duarte, Monrovia, Bradbury and the surrounding communities.

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