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Pet Immunization Awareness, What You Should Know!

The Importance of Staying up to Date on Your Pet's Immunizations

Just like humans, it's very important that pets stay up to date on their immunizations too. Without getting all of the necessary shots, cats and dogs are susceptible to a huge variety of diseases. And did you know that August is National Pet Immunization Awareness Month? That means it's the perfect time to catch up on why your pets need immunizations, how often they need them and how you can ensure that your pets stay healthy. Read on to learn more about pet immunizations -- and how all of us at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital can help pets in Duarte, California stay up to date and healthy.

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Why should you immunize your pets?

There are countless reasons to keep your pet up to date on immunizations. Whether your pets primarily live indoors or outdoors, it's still absolutely vital that they're vaccinated. Here are the top three reasons:

  1. Diseases are everywhere. Even if your pet mostly stays in your house, many contagious diseases are airborne, which means your pet could contract things through a simple open window. 
  2. Public places are high-risk environments. If your pet goes to boarding kennels, grooming salons or dog parks, it's crucial that he's fully vaccinated. Without this, he's prone to picking up a whole host of diseases that run rampant in these public places.
  3. It'll give you peace of mind. As a pet parent, it's easy to worry about your pet. You want the best for him! By vaccinating, you can feel confident that your pet will stay healthier longer.

Where can you find pet vaccinations in Duarte?

If you're looking for pet vaccinations in Duarte, California, all of us at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital are here to help. We'll tell you exactly which immunizations are needed for your unique pet, and we're happy to help him get on a regular vaccination schedule -- so he'll stay healthy and you'll stay happy!

Remember: August is National Pet Immunization Awareness Month. There's no better time to set up your pet for success by setting him up with a regular immunization schedule. Call us today at 626-357-2251! If you'd rather come see us, we're conveniently located at 2714 East Huntington Drive in Duarte, California. See you soon!

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