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Top 10 People Foods to Keep Away From Your Pet

Top 10 People Foods to Keep Away From Your Pet

             food pets should avoid eating

It's tough to say no to your pet's big eyes and wagging tail. If you're eating a particularly tasty treat, why not share it with your little furry buddy? Well, if you're eating a juicy steak, that might not be a problem, but there are a lot of foods for people that can make your dog or cat sick or worse. Before you slip your pet a snack under the dining table, think about what you're feeding them, and what effect it can have on their health.

Duarte Veterinarian Warns About Foods Bad for Dogs

Your dog may feel like a member of the family, but that doesn't mean it can eat like one of them. Dogs have very different metabolisms from humans, and what's good for one can be deadly for another. Our veterinarian in Duarte lists some of the more dangerous people foods for dogs:

  • Xylitol - This artificial sweetener is in everything from chewing gum to toothpaste. Harmless for humans, it can cause fatal liver failure in your pup.
  • Avocado -  While avocados are a tasty treat for many humans, it contains a chemical called persein, which can be poisonous to dogs.
  • Onions  -  Pick up that dropped onion slice that fell while cooking dinner. If your dog eats it, it can kill off its red blood cells, causing serious anemia problems.
  • Grapes and raisins -  While these are tasty, healthy snacks for humans, these fruits can be deadly for dogs. Even small amounts can cause kidney failure.
  • Chocolate  - This treat is everywhere, and every type is dangerous for dogs, even white chocolate

Human Foods That are Dangerous for Cats

While cats can eat some things that even dogs might turn up their nose at, they still can't digest everything their owners can. No matter how much your cat meows or begs, just say no to treats like:

  • Milk and dairy products - Pour your kitty a saucer of milk? Nope! Most cats are lactose intolerant, and dairy can give them diarrhea and digestive upsets
  • Raw eggs  - Raw eggs can carry multiple deadly bacteria that can be dangerous for cats such as E. coli.
  • Dog food -  Your can't won't get sick if it sneaks a bite or two of the dog's meal, but a steady diet of dog food instead of cat food will leave your cat malnourished
  • Liver  - A small amount is all right, but too much liver, either cooked or raw, can give your cat a severe case of vitamin A toxicity, a serious condition that affects the way your cat's bones grow
  • Yeast dough  - Raw dough can rise in your cat's stomach, causing pain. While rising, dough ferments, and can cause alcohol poisoning.

Bring Your Pet to Duarte and Azusa if You Suspect They Have Consumed Toxic Foods

It's tough to know about every treat your pet may sneak from the table or counter. If your dog or cat has persistent vomiting, is shaking or whining, or has diarrhea that won't stop, call our office for an emergency appointment. Call us in Duarte and Azusa at 626-357-2251.

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