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Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease

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Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital Offers Heartworm Prevention for Your Pet 

Part of good veterinary care for your pet includes protecting them from external pests that can impair health. Heartworm infestation is a condition that transmitted through the bite of a mosquito and can eventually lead to the death of the animal. Heartworm prevention medication is available at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital that will ensure your pet avoids this health problem. Your Duarte veterinarian can provide a prescription for this important medication. 

What Is Heartworm? 

Heartworm disease occurs when an animal is bitten by a mosquito that has fed on the blood of an infected animal. These mosquitoes inject tiny microfilaria into the body of another animal, which becomes the host for heartworm reproduction. The larva and adult worms can lodge in the animals’ heart, lungs and other organs, sickening it and eventually leading to its death. The animal may develop a cough, tire easily during exercise, have decreased appetite and lose weight. Heartworm treatment is not always successful so prevention, before the problem begins, is critical. Dogs are natural hosts for heartworms, but cats and ferrets can get heartworms, as well. 

Protecting Your Pet From Other Outdoor Pests 

Pets can also be subject to a variety of parasite infestations including heartworm, flea, or tick infestations, all of which have the potential for further disease. A variety of pest control products are available, including powders, sprays, collars and spot-on treatments. Combination oral medications are available that combine heartworm, flea and tick prevention in one convenient medicine. Tick prevention is also important because these pests can carry Lyme disease, babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Your Duarte veterinarian can advise you about the different types of outdoor pest protection and help you choose the best one for your pet’s needs. 

Make Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital Your Veterinarian for Heartworm Prevention 

Dr. Zabihi and the staff at Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital provide a range of veterinary services and individualized care for their patients in Duarte, CA and surrounding areas. We know your pets are part of your family, and we can help you maintain their health and well-being throughout their lives. Call Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital today at 626-357-2251 for an appointment to learn more about protecting your pet from heartworm and other outdoor pests. 

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