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Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Pets Safe from Fleas & Ticks

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Our Duarte Veterinarians Offer Flea and Tick Prevention 

Parasite prevention is one of the most important routine pet care steps pet owners can take. Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital is here to assist you with parasite prevention and all aspects of your pet’s health. Two of the most common and pervasive pest parasites are fleas and ticks. Fleas are most often transmitted from other pets, but an infested pet can also leave them outdoors in grass or soil or indoors on carpet or bedding. Ticks live in cool, shaded areas outdoors, most often in tall grass, felled logs or wooded areas. 

Parasite Prevention From our Duarte Veterinarian 

The key to effective, ongoing parasite prevention is using a flea and tick treatment regularly. Our Duarte veterinarian can connect you with the very best brands and appropriate strength for your pet’s breed and size.

A medication for flea and tick prevention should keep your pet safe from an infestation. However, pet owners are advised to check pets regularly for signs of fleas and ticks. Brushing or combing them regularly allows you to check for evidence of fleas or see if a tick has become embedded in their skin. 

Flea and Tick Signs, Removal, Prevention 

Ticks should be removed very carefully, ensuring that the head is not left in the skin. If you have doubts about tick removal or it appears your pet is getting an infection, bring them into your Duarte veterinarian for an assessment and treatment.

The signs of fleas include excessive itching and scratching. You might also notice red droppings in the area where your pet sleeps. Flea and tick prevention steps include: 

  • Keeping your pet indoors during periods of high infestation 
  • Don’t allow them to run through tall grass 
  • Use an appropriate flea and tick medication 

Contact Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital for Flea and Tick Prevention 

Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital is here to assist you with parasite prevention and all aspects of your pet’s health. Our Duarte veterinarian, Dr. Rahim Zabihi, is licensed and experienced in all facets of veterinary care. The entire staff has a mission of contributing to the highest quality of life possible for your pet. Contact us today at 626-357-2251 to set up an appointment. 

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